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Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers
Registered Charity No SC018106
Established 1963

The Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers (SABB) is a sports organisation which aims to further the mental and physical well-being of the visually impaired (blind and partially sighted) in Scotland by promoting, encouraging and supporting their participation in the sport of bowls.

It was established in 1963 and became a Registered Charity - Number SC018106 - in 1985. However, this was not the first year in which bowls was played by the visually impaired in Scotland. It was first played in the Kirkcaldy, Dundee and Paisley areas in 1959 and, even prior to that, in the Edinburgh area by members of the Scottish Bowlers for the War Blinded. In August of 1959, players from these four areas took part in the first-ever visually impaired inter-team bowls competition which was played at Baxter Park in Dundee. In the period between 1959 and 1963 visually impaired players in other areas took up the sport. This led, in 1963, to a meeting of representatives from all areas which was held in Perth at which it was decided to set up the Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers.

Any visually impaired person interested in playing the sport of bowls will find that the Association offers them a welcoming, friendly and sociable environment in which they can pursue their interest. Anyone wishing further information about the Association should get in touch with the Secretary - contact details can be found in the Committee section of the website. Alternatively, they can get in touch with the Secretary of the nearest club in their area - contact details can be found in the Member Clubs section of the website.

The association runs taster and coaching sessions for newcomers to the sport and advanced coaching for the more experienced bowlers as well as co-ordinating and organising numerous National Championships which are played on both outdoor and indoor greens throughout the year. Its business is conducted by a Committee comprising Office Bearers and representatives of each of the Member Clubs located throughout Scotland.

SABB has links with a number of national and international sports bodies.

  • it is an Affiliated Association of Bowls Scotland (BS) - the national governing body for outdoor lawn bowls in Scotland.
  • it is an Partner Organisation of Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) - the national pan-disability sport organisation which represents bowlers with a physical, sensory or learning disability. (SDS is a Member Organisation of International Bowls for the Disabled (IBD) - the international pan-disability body for bowlers which is responsible for organising the World Disability Bowls Championships every 4 years.)
  • it is a Member Association of UK VI Bowlers - the UK body responsible for organising the UK Visually Impaired Championships each year.
  • it is a Member Association of the International Blind Bowls Association (IBBA) - the international body for blind and visually impaired bowlers which is responsible for organising the World Blind Bowls Championships every 4 years.
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