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BBS UK Outdoor Singles Championships - Tournament Report

Record Medals Haul for Scots in Wales.

I had only visited Wales on two occasions before this year, once as a child of eight and then years later on what was a rather inauspicious international debut in Newport in 1997. So, as the tiny train chugged its way along the Valley Line through Mid Wales and drew to a halt in Llandrindod Wells, I wondered whether there really was "gold in them there hills". To this day my question remains unanswered, but I was soon to discover that there was gold, silver and bronze aplenty for Scotland on them there bowling greens.

Our accommodation at the Metropole Hotel was comfortable, the meals both in the hotel and at the bowling club, were tasty and even the weather was warm and sunny until the final day of the competition, when the temperature dropped and the heavens opened.

I have not been fortunate enough to play in the last two UK Singles Championships, but this leaves me free to do what I do best - go round the greens taking in the games and chatting to folk as I do so. I therefore had ample opportunity to watch and meet the bowlers from Northern Ireland, who were participating in the Championships for the first time. They all said that they had enjoyed themselves tremendously and hoped to come to Glasgow next year for the Indoor Singles.

Although Northern Ireland did not win any medals, they picked up a few points during the tournament. Wales won three medals and England seven. Scotland, with its team of 16 bowlers, scooped the pool and took home an unprecedented 14 medals, twice as many as England and more than England and Wales's combined haul. The Scots who did not win medals can take comfort in the fact that their wins in individual matches contributed points towards the capture of the Bill Cox Team Trophy from the Auld Enemy!

We should perhaps draw a veil over the journey home. The train which was to take us from Llandrindod to Crewe was overbooked and we were unable to get on it. We missed all our subsequent connections and some folk didn't get home until 2am! Looking back, this was an unfortunate blip as Scotland's fortunes continue to rise and rise.

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