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The Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers - SABB
Registered Charity No SC 018106
Established 1963

Scottish Association for Blind Bowlers
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The SABB runs various competitions throughout the year. Each year, we release competition results for these events - please use the drop down menu to select the year you are interested in. Some have photos associated with them - click on the photos to see a larger image.

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Division 1
1st Three Towns
David Thomas, Robert Barr, Gerry Blasby, Chris Nicol
2nd Abbeyview
Jim Binnie, Robert Rodger, Tom Harrower, Ian Graham
3rd Renfrew
Robert Stewart, Peter Ramsay, Ally Love, Frank Berry
Division 2
1st West Lothian
Willie Caulfield, John Mcdonald, John Mitchell, Charles Jones
2nd Cumbernauld & Kelvin
Jim Stevenson, Helen Steel, John Murray, Jannet Finney
3rd Dunedin
Bill Auld, Sandy Lambie, Evelyn Byrne, Carol Combe


Division 1
1st Three Towns
David Thomas, Roert Barr, Gery Blasby
2nd Abbeyview
Jim Binnie, Robert Rodger, Ian Graham
3rd Forth Valley
John Mcmullan, Gordon Mcneil, Donald Ferguson
Division 2
1st Dunedin
Jean Watt, Carole Combes, Evelyn Byrne
2nd Cumbernauld & Kelvin
Jim Stevenson, Jannet Finney, Helen Steel
3rd Kirkcaldy
Stuart Thomson, Caroline Tait, Eleanor Clark

Pairs Competitions

National Pairs (Liz Taggart)
1st Forth Valley
Graham Marshall, Donald Ferguson
2nd West Lothian A
Dougie Duncan, John Mcdonald
3rd West Lothian B
John Mcreight, Willie Caulfield
Open Pairs
1st Abbeyview A
Robert Rodger, Ian Graham
2nd West Lothian B
Willie Caulfield, John Mcdonald
3rd N. Ayrshire
Peter Ramsay, Irene Edgar


1st Eleanor Clark (Kirkcaldy)
2nd Dougie Duncan (West Lothian)
3rd John Mccreigt (West Lothian)
1st David Thomas (Three Towns)
2nd Fiona Scotland (Abbeyview)
3rd 3.Peter Ramsay (N.Ayrshire)
1st Mary Stevenson (Renfrew)
2nd Irene Edgar (North Ayrshire)
3rd Evelyn Byrne (Dunedin)
Gents Division 1
1st Willie Cauldfield (West Lothian)
2nd Rober Rodger (Abbeyview)
3rd Billy Edgar (North Ayrshire)
Gents Division 2
1st Ali Burt (Aberdeen)
2nd Jim Stevenson (Cumbernauld & Kelvin)
3rd Charles Jones (West Lothian)
Gents Division 3
1st Robert Barr (Three Towns)
2nd John Fox (Three Towns)
3rd 3 Johny Mitchell (West Lothian)
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